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Robert Franz, Artistic Director

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Renaud Boucher Browning

Principal Bass

Mark Givens

French Horn

Melanie Keller


Micah Claffey


Emily Jones

Associate Principal Viola

Rachael Johnston


Jessie Brown


Donovan Schatz


The Boise Baroque Orchestra



Dawn Douthit, Concertmaster

Sponsor, Judyth Roberts

Fernando Perez, Principal

Melanie Keller

Geoffrey Hill, Associate Concertmaster

Sponsors, Anne & Bob Hay


Kimberly Everett Ganong, Principal

Sponsors, Rick & Jan Ganong

Jessie Brown

Anna-Marie Vargas, Acting Assistant Concertmaster

Sponsors, Linda Droker & Paul Dacher

Katherine Jarvis, Principal Second

Sponsors, Kay Hardy & Gregory Kaslo


Kathy Stutzman, Associate Principal Second

Sponsors, Frank Lonyay & Barbara Jameson

Janelle Oberbillig, Principal

Sponsors, Yvonne McCoy & Garry Wenske

Jonelle Darrow

Sponsors, Kristen Hopper & Claudia McNair

Donovan Schatz

Susan Courtial

Sponsors, Don and Mary Hobson


Brian Vance, Principal

Sponsors, Russ & Janet Buschert

Holly Lawrence

Sponsors, Frank Lonyay & Barbara Jameson

Mark Givens

Petra Schwarthoff

Sponsor, Michelle Crawforth


Laurel Talley

Sponsor, Michelle Crawforth

Derek Ganong, Principal

Sponsors, Dave & Sandy Everett

Rachael Johnston


Jennifer Drake, Principal

Emily Jones, Associate Principal Viola



William Shaltis, Principal

Sponsors, Helen & Scott Carter

Brian Hodges, Principal

Sponsor, Stephanie Kennedy

Micah Claffey, Associate Principal

Lorie Marmon Scherer

Sponsor, David C. Miles


Renaud Boucher-Browning, Principal

Meet Artistic Director, Robert Franz

Robert became the Artistic Director in 2019

After shepherding the orchestra through the pandemic with two Digital Concert Series, the orchestra was thrilled to host its inaugural set of Summer Concerts at the Chateau in 2021. It doesn’t get any more beautiful than here in the Treasure Valley! 17th and 18th Century music has always been a passion for Robert and these concerts hold a special place in his heart.

When not making music with these incredible musicians, Robert is the Music Director of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra in Ontario where he makes his home. Last season he makes his debut with the Fort Worth Symphony and was named Music Director at the University of the North Carolina School of the Arts, his alma mater.

Robert is particularly grateful for the love and support of his family. Perhaps this year more than any other, it is good to feel alive with this incredible music!

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Russ Buschert - Interim President

Stephanie Kennedy - Vice President

Paul Dacher - Treasurer

Russ Buschert

Jonathan Collins

Dave Everett

Brian Hodges

Karen Mang Kennedy

Janelle Oberbillig

Bob Thomas


Johanna Laney, Executive Director

Abbie Fickinger, General Manager

Brian Vance, Personnel Manager

Petra Schwarthoff, Librarian

Kevin McTeague, Grant Writer

Sarah Kelly, Marketing Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

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Robert Franz, Artistic Director